0710 Steephill Cove

0710 Steephill Cove - Ventnor to St. Lawrence landscapes

Because of Steephill Cove's position it only really gets the sunrise entering directly in the bay during winter months. Although I didn't want sunlight as such, more the pinky predawn glow that happens with only the right conditions. This, as well as me wanting a high tide, made the number of chances of getting this shot limited to say the least!

Unusually for me I cracked it on my first go, after actually bothering to get up when the alarm went off (this was in the days before the birth of my son!)

This was taken 2 minutes before sunrise, and just 10 minutes later the glare from the winter sun was overpowering, casting ugly black shadows where the subtle pinks hues had been.

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0680 Bonchurch