1257 Seaview

1257 Seaview - Seaview and Priory Bay landscapes

This image shows off the dynamic range of the new Nikon D800 to its fullest exent. Normally with an image like this I would have to use quite a strong ND gradient filter to hold detail in the sky and foreground at the same time (the human eye sees detail in both, but that's four million years' worth of evolution for you!).

But with the D800 and its incredible 14 stops of dynamic range (meaning the lighest to darkest parts of the image a camera can capture), everything can be recorded in one go, without ND filters. This makes it a lot quicker and easier to set up a shot, especially if the horizon is not a straight line, as in here with the tree.

In over 20 years in photography, and 10 years with digital, I have never handled such an amazing piece of kit. Exciting times indeed :)

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