1208 St Catherines Oratory

1208 St Catherines Oratory - St. Catherine's Point panoramics

With the Island being battered by high winds and storms, I thought this day would be the perfect opportunity to capture St. Catherine's Oratory in dramatic conditions.

Arriving at 8am I was greeted with a stunning view of West Wight being streaked in light and shadow, while to the east the Island appeared to have been thrust into midnight.

St. Catherine's Down seemed to be the boundary of the two extremes, but the sun just wasn't playing ball, refusing to hit the Oratory but constantly taunting me with an almost permanent rainbow.

By 10am, and knowing I had an urgent appointment back in Ryde at 10.30, I had almost given up hope, and then, for less than 5 seconds... the suns rays exploded onto the monument painting it a glorious gold, before going again for good.

Knowing I had the shot in the bag, I quickly packed up the gear...just as a freezing hailstorm hit, which lasted all the way back to the van...

Thankfully I made my 10.30 appointment, albeit somewhat cold and soggy!

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1156 St Catherines Lighthouse