1072 Appley Tower

1072 Appley Tower - Ryde, Havenstreet and Wootton landscapes

I have finally discovered the trick to getting up early. Beetroot juice - who'd have thought? I've been juicing beetroot and apple for a month and have managed to get up at 4.00am every morning for three weeks. Which, for me, is actually physically impossible.

Don't ask me how or why it works, and it's certainly an acquired taste (think liquid soil), but I'm certainly glad it does.

And so I've witnessed some corking sunrises, and this was one of the best. As the chap I seen jogging along said - "I've got friends on the mainland who have just been to Bali and said how great the sunrises are, but who needs Bali when you've got this?"

Yep, but only if you've drank your beetroot juice.

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1029 The Old Mill Pond Wootton Creek