0969 Ryde Pier

0969 Ryde Pier - Ryde, Havenstreet and Wootton landscapes

While driving home from 'Tesco big shop' Sharon my wife insisted it was going to be a good sunset. I wasn't convinced however so rather than driving too far I decided to stay local.

After watching a hovercraft do its magic I was about to leave when I noticed the sky taking on a tinge of orange. With it being a low tide and the sun still setting a little too far south I knew I would have to try and get parallel with the end of the pier to make the shot balanced.

Two minutes later and gasping for air like an asthmatic donkey, I crouched down next to the pool of water and set the camera up just inches from its surface to get the reflection in.

I really should know by now to listen to Sharon! :-)

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