1349 Appley Tower

1349 Appley Tower - Ryde, Havenstreet and Wootton landscapes

This is my personal favourite of all my photographs of the recent wintery weather.

With a slightly more civilised start than the 4.00am of the day before, I gingerly made my way down to Puckpool half an hour before dawn.

Trying to set the camera up during a heavy snow shower whilst holding an umbrella and trying not to slide down the embankment, I made a test shot to make sure I had dialled in the correct amount of exposure compensation.

I had just finished tweaking the composition to make sure one of the forts was visible between the branches when the clouds began to glow vibrant orange as the winter sun broke through. Magical!

(And a big thanks to the dog walker who I stopped just in time to prevent any footsteps in the image!!)

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