1326 Arreton Valley

1326 Arreton Valley - Cowes, Newport and Carisbrooke panoramics

After seeing the sea fog clinging to the sea at Sandown Bay while driving home from the gallery, I had an inkling it would be creeping inland as the sun set.

Stupidly I decided to go home and have tea first, and after a rather lovely slab of cheesecake went to check to see if it had.

Sharon came too, bringing Arther the dog and Ewan our son, and screeching to a halt on the downs I jumped out - it looked amazing! After a minute and a half dash around crazily looking for a shot I knew I wouldn't get anything - the composition options were just too weak.

"Everyone back in the van!!" I screamed, just as Arthur was beginning to enjoy himself; it never ceases to astound me how bewildered that dog can look!

3 minutes and 47 seconds later we screeched to a stop at a better viewpoint, but unfortunately Arthur couldn't finish his walk as it was too near the main road. I don't think he has yet forgiven me ;)

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