1067 Rocken End

1067 Rocken End - St. Catherine's Point panoramics

Ok I admit it. Sometimes I may exagerate how dangerous taking photos is. Hanging off cliffs, getting cut off by tides, run over by hovercraft etc. But not this time - oh no. This time was truly scary.

If you have never been down to Rocken End it is accessed by the Old Blackgang road car park, down a long twisty sketchy path with a scrabble down a rope and steps cut into the mud with a final hop and a skip over dried blue slipper before making it to the beach. And herein lay the problem.

The dry blue slipper certainly looked dry. But wasn't. Not by a long chalk. It had a nice, dry, crusty pastry-like topping over hot apple pie only in this case wet, sucky, slippy blue mud. So that's where it gets its name from.

As my knees slowly sank below the surface I began to panic - the light was getting really good now! And the fact I couldn't move was also a consideration. Being prepared I tried my phone hoping Sharon would drop everything and come to my aid rather than laugh hysterically but no signal! I was in this on my own, so to speak.

Now I was beginning to panic. Maybe I could set the tripod up here and get something? No the composition was all wrong, it would never work...wait - the tripod!

Quickly I rammed the tripod into the mud boulder behind me that I had jumped off into this predicament and - heave! One wellington boot popped off, but I was free! Grabbing the greasy welly with one hand and life-saving tripod with the other, I hopped to the beach, washed myself down and set up the camera in the nick of time!

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