1036 View from Brading Down

1036 View from Brading Down - Sandown, Shanklin and Godshill landscapes

Well. That was fun wasn't it? Not quite daft enough to try and drive up Brading Down, I left my house in Ryde at 7.15am stupidly thinking 45 minutes would be bags of time to walk there for the sunrise. Yeah righto; 3 hours later and I dragged myself on top of Ashey Down. (In my defence I did stop several times to take photos!)

Although I'm kind of glad it did take so long, as the sunrise wasn't all that great, but this bank of cloud arrived as I did, drifting across the landscape and lowering the contrast of the scene enough to capture it.

Returning to the road (which was only recognizable by the roadsigns) a farmer in his Landrover Defender stopped for a chat and told me of the winter of 1967 when Mersley Down became virtually flat because of the snowdrifts, and abandonned cars couldn't be reached for 3 months!

After another hour on the downs and thinking I could get the train back to Ryde I headed for Brading Station only to find the service had been suspended, so walked back home again. All in all 7 hours well spent!

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