1009 Freshwater Bay

1009 Freshwater Bay - Freshwater & Tennyson Down landscapes

This classic Isle of Wight view is only a stones throw from the road and so has been photographed thousands of times before and rightly so.

Because of this I have always wanted to capture it with the most dramatic sunset possible to make it that little bit special, so with this in mind every March and September when the sun is in the right position I have made the pilgrimage to Freshwater.

Back in March 2009 I captured something I was generally happy with after a week of visiting, but it wasn't the corker I had hoped for.

This September however I have cracked it on my first trip!! I had the pleasure of sharing the moment with Matt, a fellow photographer from Cowes. We both stood in awe for 45 minutes as the colours intensified with purples, yellows, blues, reds and even greens filling the sky. One of the best sunsets I have ever seen.

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0943 Freshwater Bay