0961 St Catherines Lighthouse

0961 St Catherines Lighthouse - St. Catherine's Point landscapes

What a difference a day makes…

Or in this case less than 15 minutes! I had actually gone to St. Catherine’s in order to recce a possible sunset shot over Watershoot bay looking towards the Needles but as we were driving through Godshill I could see the potential of rainbows in the air!

On parking the car I left Sharon strapping our 18 month old son into his back carrier and sprinted down the footpath nearly going flying as my foot hit a rabbit hole. Lungs burning I desperately unclipped the camera bag, dragged out the camera and took a shot without the tripod or even checking exposure just in case the light died without notice.

Thankfully the sun and raincloud were moving somewhat slower than I had just been and so I regained my composure (pun intended!) and set up the tripod.

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0922 St Catherines Oratory